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5 Mar 2016

Ese Oruru: Teacher, School Mates Open Up On Her Life Style

The travail of Ese Oruru is not only shared by her and her parents. Her teacher as well as her school mates express their pain for a student they say is loved by all, Osa Okhomina
Unlike the image of an ‘abandoned minor’ and ‘a dullard’ presented to the nation about the character of the 14 years old Ese Osusu, the abducted girl from Bayelsa that was impregnated by one Malam Yinusa, students and teachers of her school have painted a different picture of a bright, intelligent and well behaved student loved by all.
LEADERSHIP Weekend’s visit to her school, known as Central Epie Community Secondary School in Yenagoa local government council area, revealed that the media coverage of the abduction of Ese Oruru is having a negative effect on the students and staff of the school.
While many of the students in Junior Secondary School III, class mates of Ese, refused to comment when our correspondent visited the school, others, who claimed to be close friends of the 14-year-old victim of child abuse, lamented that the ugly experience of their friend is having a bad effect on the school and the students.
Her Teacher:
According to Mrs. Arise Douye, the form teacher of JSS 3, the class Ese was before she was abducted, Ese is a brilliant student. She said, “I got to know about her brilliance when I compiled their results. When she was abducted, initially, I didn’t know because during the junior WAEC, we were expecting to see her, but she didn’t write the exam and we started asking questions amongst ourselves.
“But nobody seems to know anything about her. I didn’t know her parents and there was nowhere to contact her parents, not until three weeks ago, the father came to the school to get her data, and introduced himself as Ese’s father and said that she has been abducted and the police asked him to bring evidence of the girl. I now checked my register and saw her name there. It was then at the principal’s office that we saw the day of her admission and age. It was then we discovered that she was born on February 21, 2003.
“She is a very humble girl; her case has never come to the staff room unlike some students. I have never raised a cane to flog her since I knew her and to the best of my knowledge, no teacher has flogged her. We have some good students that know why they are here, they are always in class to learn, the same as Ese and her friends, they always reading their books when the teacher is not in class. We know the students because we teach them and compile their results.
“She is this jovial type, she doesn’t fight or quarrel. I am not saying this because of what has happen, I know her very well. If it were to be a rough child, I will say it and the society will not hold me responsible. But I am saying this because I know Ese.
We really feel for the family and we pray for them because that was all we can do. We also asked the father to pray because prayer is the only key to solutions and advised him to be prayerful.”
Her Friends And Classmates
According to Miss Adama Miebimo, her close friend and classmates, Ese is an excellent student. “we met in our first day in school and we were seat mate so we became best of friends from there. She is a very intelligent student; her favourite subject are mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science. She said she wanted to be a nurse in the future. When I heard the news of her abduction, I felt sorry for her, and it was painful that we are friends couldn’t do anything to help her situation. But we are happy that she is now back.”
For Miss Hattarrh Ozeikime, Ese is a role model. She said, “Ese is my best friend and I have known her for four years. We became close because I wanted to learn mathematics from her and she wanted to learn sciences from me. I was able to meet her mum, sisters and brother. I also know her house and mother’s shop. She is someone who we all love to be with as we usually learn a lot from her. I find it difficult to believe what happened to her because she was my best friend, I felt bad and sad about the whole incident. It is a big relief for us that she is back and we are looking forward to seeing her again.”
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