Cabinet Reshuffle Imminent?

There have been speculations going round that President Muhammadu Buhari wants to reshuffle his cabinet. It will be recalled that the ministers were sworn into office in November, and it’s too early to be talking about reshuffling them at this stage. Like the popular Nigerian saying, “Sunday wen go good, na from Friday you go see am.”
While it’s too early to judge the performance of some of the ministers till at least a year in office, some of them have showed that they are overwhelmed by the office and even if you give them the next 10 years, they lack the capacity to turn things around. While some ministers have rolled out roadmaps for their ministries, some have become popular for doing nothing and are always seen welcoming back the president from his foreign trips. While for some, it’s only during the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, that we even remember they exist as they are only cabinet members by name. Some have also realised that managing states is a different ball game to managing ministries at the Federal level. Some ministers are also finding it difficult to transform from opposition figures to persons in government as their utterances are giving them away.
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