TIV AND IDOMA: Before Sen. George Akume’s Crucifixion, How David Mark Marginalizes His People

By Tor Shiekuma Felix

Time and again, the descendants of Kwaurarafa Kingdom raised their fuss, finger-pointing Tiv people for cold shouldering them in relation to captaining the affairs of the state. At every turn, Sen. George Akume is the keyword in their blame game. The disgruntled Idoma aborigines winded up that the famed congress man is the rational why they are currently in the governance relegation zone as regard to generating the numero uno citizen of the state.However, in their cold war of words they failed to recollect that a man’s enemies mostly come from his household. Evidently, Idomalites are  blacklisted by a familiar household adversary, David Mark.
The Idoma and the well cultured Tiv enjoyed brotherly relationship from time immemorial. This is exemplified in their liberal-minded inter-tribal marriage. Personally, I’ve neighbours from Tiv extraction who married charming young damsels of idoma nation and vice versa. Still and all, political differences turned the hard earned relationship into sour experience. Power tussle succeeded in creating mammoth chasm in between them. The cat and dog relationship skyrocketed because opportunity had not been granted unto them (Idoma) to enter the driving seat.
License me to take a step further by asserting emphatically, without being skeptical, that democrary every where in the world is a game of majority. Since the inception of the food basket state, the elegant Tiv people have been in the saddle, because their overwhelming population and surpassing political algebra buttressed them. So it becomes completely out of question; infact, unfeasible and at the same unthinkable for the Idoma nation to generate a state helmsman except the parties involved approach the table of negotiation. But David Mark who seems to be the sole ‘anointed’ politico in the whole of Benue South senatorial district had oftentimes in the past thwarted this negotiation process with his dubious actions and hate speeches against the overpowering Tiv people. Otherwise, sympathetic Tiv people wanted their closest neighbour to also taste the plum office. So instead of pointing accusing fingers at inculpable Tiv people, the squawking people of Idoma should rather accuse their political general overseer for marginalizing them with his crummy behaviour.
David Mark spent reasonable segment of political career ensuring that the tenacious Tiv people do not gain national prominence. This went downhill when he was holding the reins in the red chamber of the supreme legistrative body. More recently, he joined forces with politicians of abbreviated characters and short-circuited Sen. George Akume’s senate presidency ambition. Idomalites, who are political neophytes might not fathom what I meant by Mark’s anti-Tiv hate actions and speeches, out of many, the afore stated are just few occurrences that can justify my stance. This further indicates limpidly that he (Mark) is the sole factor that is obstructing the consensus decision of allowing Idoma to produce a governor, because no woman intending to deliver will insult a mid wife.
A stone age legislator and a highly placed politician like David Mark, who represented his people in the national assembly for the past 16 years only have a 8-letter compressed and fraudulent manifesto – Apa State. This is an offensive weapon of mass deception and destruction on the innocent people of idoma land. He has been using the unmaterialized Apa state to pull the wool over their (idoma) eyes so as to rip off their individual votes. I guess my good people of Idoma are spiritual men/women, who give credence to the Bible verse which says blessed are those who do not see but believe.
Unrealizable Apa State is the highest peak of marginalization on idomalites owing to the fact that all states in Nigeria, except Midwest during first republic, were hatched during military rule, and David Mark was an active player in the military administration yet he could not use his military momentum to create a state for his ‘well cherished’ people. Presently, the sin quo nons for constitutionally creating a state are strenuous to fulfil. David mark as old as senate gavel, who directly and indirectly shared in 1999 constitution enactment is fully aware of this. Yet, now that he must raise up his hand and gets approval before talking in the red chamber, is still using Apa state as campaign song.
I don’t want to believe that some idoma electorates were casualties of mental midget. How could somebody with a sound and healthy brain listen to rehashed lie for the past 16 years without antagonizing it? Even imbeciles would make a grimace on their face to show disapproval. No wonder indiscerning and visionless people are still bragging around with inconceivable Apa state, including the well certified (learned) idoma born. Where do they want this marginalization to reach before their blinded eyes will receive sight?
Some sagacious idomalites who understood his magic of bogus pledges on time showed him the way out via their voters’ cards. That is why his last two terms election were not without controversies. Unfortunately, the technicalities that surrounded the judiciary under the power intoxicated People’s Democratic Party, PDP, supported his fraudulent act.
As a two times senate president, Mark was better placed to aggressively drag dividends of democracy to his people. However, what is obtainable in the ancestral home as well as the major town of Idoma people, is the other side of the coin; he flops to even cater for the welfare of his immediate constituency. Otukpo ought to be the New York of Benue State, considering his weight in government, but if you peregrinate round otukpo, mark’s domicile, it is a case-tudy in dustiness. The streets are Potholed, looking more of objects for scientific experiments. There is no running potable water, not to talk of constant electricity. Some people whispered that standard cattle ranches are far better than Otukpo main city.
Sincerely, I don’t assign fault to enraged but lion-hearted residents of Jericho street who chased away contractor handling David Mark’s road projects in Otukpo.The contractor came to give the street a ‘new look’ shortly after the eptitude appeal court had legally coerced Mark to embark on match pass back to his village. Their ungreatable action was just to save Otukpo from being recognised nationally as a home of abandoned probjects. Certainly, it was another stratagem to further bamboozle idomalites.
Shortly after court of appeal Makurdi division issued David Mark shocking red card, his low-priced supporters commenced sharing of foodstuffs branded in his name. These were materials mearnt to bargain for votes in the lately annulled election. This was just to use mere victuals to further hoodwink the Idoma electorates. Even so, some Idoma people did not read the handwriting on the wall. I was puzzled to spot well-lettered Idoma people gluttonly receiving stickered foodstuffs with volumes of appreacition. Does it mean some Idoma people opt for branded tomatoes, rice etc instead of good roads, constant light and portable water?
There are proficient politicos in Idomaland who are keenly hankering to give Idoma people a becoming representation, but Mark, who is enslaving his people in place of representation, has been utilizing his political tentacles to frustrate their healthy ambitions. He would rather plant obsequious ‘boys’ that could tolerate his oppression agenda. Not too long ago, he influenced ministerial post for Abba Moro, one among his apple-polishers. As minister of interior, Abba Moro’s most noticeable legacy for his people was an irreparable damage inflicted on their hard earned reputation, through his internationally recognised ill-fated immigration recruitment exercise. Some political analysts attributed this ill-tarred act to highest level of incompetence and improper orientation. Perssonally, I advised him to go back to school and take elementary courses in recruitment process and management.
It is a pity that the message of justice sermonized by Idomalites lacks the desired obedience from them. They turned Igede people into votes producers only, no single room had been given to them to represent Zone C in any esteemed assignment. For the purpose of clarity, Ameh Ebute and David Mark, all from Idoma extraction represented the zone in the red chamber. Jerry Agada, Sam Ode, Abba Moro and Audu Ogbe, all sons of Idoma served in the capacity of ministers. Does it mean there is no competent Igede son that could give the zone a well deserving represention at the federal level? The aphorism which says that before you point your finger at someone make sure yours is clean has been confirmed. This implies that the sanctimonious Idoma are largely guilty of imaginalization, not only the ‘sinful’ Tiv people.
The unprejudiced invalidation of Mark’s controversial election to some measure symbolizes emancipation of Idoma people from political servitude; it denotes the terminus of their captivity. The court of appeal relatively played its role, remaining the Idoma electorates to complement the effort through their  Permanent Voters’ Card, if they actually want socio-economic development to become a common  word in Idomaland. If they settle on otherwise, then they should desist from using immaculate personalities to play their blame game, but they should rather hold themselves accountable of giving allowance to marginalization spearheaded by their senate landlord.
The young and super patriotic Daniel Onjeh with his proficient team is on a rescue mission to Idomaland, to bail out his people from the hand of black-hearted Pharaoh. This mission pioneered by revolutionists is graded above party affiliation and tribal differences; it is all about delivering prettiness of democracy to the doorstep of every member of the senatorial zone, and to supplant indirectly practised oligarchic form of government (ruled by the few wealthy people) with constitutionally recognised democracy. A democracy where socio-economic development will become everyone’s ringing tone – common.
People of shortened foresight felt Daniel Onjeh is being sponsored by Sen. George Akume, who is painted as an adversary of Idoma people. Yes! George Akume felt the well meaning people of Idoma need a grassroot gentleman, a fresh blood, like Onjeh to give them commendable leadership, by instantaneously ending the protracted drought of dividend of democracy in a promising nation like Idoma. Daniel Onjeh is without helicopter and helicap, thus his understanding of shabby state of roads across Zone C will greatly be different from someone who is flying in the air like a vulture. He is better acquainted with challenges of zone c senatorial district than an Abuja based law maker, who visit his constituency only when election is at the corner.
Idoma needs to get it right this time.The approaching Mark’s re-run election is a well-polished avenue for Idoma natives blubbering about marginalization to uprightly inform Mark through ballot paper that the red chamber is not his birthright, neither it is his permanent residential home. He should embark on endurance trek back to his nativeland. This informed decision could herald a new ara of democracy in Idomaland.

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