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22 Feb 2016


By Abraham Orkuma.

Let me start by saying quickly that, Yakubu mahmud, INEC chairman does not have the competency and capacity required to superintend over INEC affair as it concern election management.I doubt so much if the current INEC as it is presently constituted can live up to its billing.
INEC exhibited it's high level of incompetency by wrongly declaring David mark winner of Benue south rerun election against its standing rules, precedent and electorate act.I do not know who INEC is working or what interest it is protecting, individual or national interest.Inec is in conflict with itself for reasons best known to it.
INEC rules does not have peculiarities, the electoral act is applicable to matters of elections as it affect them.Inec cannot be turning the law upside down and behaving as if it is the law onto itself.If in their wisdom, because I believe what happened in kogi was a gross interpretation of electoral act by INEC to protect certain interest.Let us compare the two and see clearly where lies the truth of the matter.
Dan Onje scored 71,621 while David Mark scored 84,192.Total vote cast was 159,557, cancelled votes was 29,273 and about 3,744 votes were rejected , bringing the number to 33,077.Do not also forget that the total number of registered voters is 522,713 as was the case in kogi where INEC used the total number of registered voters including the one that did not collect pvc, did not do accreditation but because it suits their agenda, they declared that election inconclusive .If you look at the figures with simple application of your calculator, you will see that the margin between the presumed winner was just 12,571, then look at also the cancelled and the rejected votes, please let us set aside the voters register as a give away bonus for pdp, does that tally with what the law is saying? Only the cancelled and rejected votes is in excess of the 12,571,how INEC arrived at this conclusion of declaring David mark the winner as against the precedent it set elsewhere and electoral act is still unknown.
Look at kogi state case,a clear winner emerged here but INEC cited electorate act as it affect voters register to declared the election inconclusive.
Audu scored 240,867 while Idris garnered 199,514 votes.Again, while kogi central senatorial election was declared inconclusive.Inec with the fear of criticism and insults from Nigeria public, reluctantly and erroneously declared David mark winner.
The returning officer said the margin of votes between Audu and wada was 41,353.And subsequently declared the election inconclusive because the total number of registered votes in 91 polling units, in 18 local government areas, where election was cancelled was 49,953.That the figure was higher than 41,353 votes with which Audu got.
If you put the two side by side one would deduce that INEC is implementing an agenda that is best known to itself alone.
The election commission has been infiltrated and is being manipulated by some people to embarrass the government of Buhari, with the intention of distorting the results of any elections conducted under his watch.
whether election officials decline to comment on the accusations, in due course of time, Nigerians would know.
An election that has been characterized by hates and highly ethnized has come and gone.Tiv policitician ceased it as an opportunity to settle scores with Akume and disgrace him.David Mark and other idoma politicians sees the election as Tiv vs Idoma.Benue politices has become so bittered and tribalised, rather that viewing politics as an opportunity to articulate a way forward for the people,people bring their personal problem and grudge they already nursed against another brother to settle it there .
Benue south rerun has deepen already fragile relationship from both political and tribal divide.
This election cannot stand,it will still be invalidated if taking to court.Let me quickly commend the Nigeria security agencies for their professionalism throughout the exercise.Its a total departure from the past where security forces were used to win election for the party in power.It does means the change is working.
Young Alhali won against David mark in 2007, we all knew what transpired, David mark was declared winner of that election upto to Court of could recur that the judge handling the case was removed on the eve of delivering judgement and another brought in to rewrite the judgement (it was pen the judge used in writing the last lines of judgement) ,it went in Mark favour.Many described it then as Ghana must go judgement.
It's time to build bridges that has been broken as a result of politicking.Tsav and Co should give way for peace, unity and Benue progress. let us rally round our leaders to fast track development.
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  1. D mark has won and there is nothing the tiv people will do about that


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