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See Tribes with most liars in Nigeria


All over the world, people lie to get themselves out of awkward situations. Wives lie to get money from their husband, husbands deceive their wives and even the little children are very talented in the lying department. 
Lying is not a new thing, it's been around for a long long time *God help us all*. But do you know that besides the fact that caught in the Web of lying, some people are actually big time *Ogas* in this aspect? 
I mean this set of people are terrific liars, they can spice up lies in ways that will get people believe them easily. Take some tribes in Nigeria for instance. 

The Yorubas

Kai! If a Yoruba fellow lies in your presence ehn! You won't be any wiser coz he'll deliver the lie so smartly you won't detect a darn thing. The people of this tribe are masters in the trade of lying! They can win an award in this aspect, I bet you. 

The Igbos 

Right, people of this tribe are industrious but they can lie ehn! It's like the thing is flowing in their blood.Igbo kwenu! Abeg no offense intended o.

The Hausas 

In their soft and charming accent, these people will lie and you won't detect a darn thing. Yep! They are definitely good at deception. 

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