How Government Plans To Ease The Hardship - CBN Reveals

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) yesterday unfolded policies to reduce hardship of Nigerians and the current economic recession.

CBN assured federal government and the apex bank were aware of the prevailing tough economic climate, assuring that the situation would soon be overcome.

CBN’s acting director Corporate Communications, Isaac Okoroafor said at a fair organised for small and medium scale enterprises, artisan, farmers, banks, hairdressers, barbers, shoemakers and other business groups in Enugu, that N220billion made available for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) could be easily accessed.

He said 60 percent of the funds were meant for women and women-owned enterprises. He revealed that some states had already accessed the funds to the tune of N2billion.

According to World News, he added that the CBN also has the Commercial Agric Credit Scheme (CACS) for larger commercial farmers.

Okoroafor explained, “If you are a serving corps member and you want to get into business, you can get as much as N3 million to start as an entrepreneur. What happens is that you are not required to provide any collateral because we discovered that collateral is the problem. Your degree or HND certificate will serve, as your collateral because we know it is an asset in which you have made investment. So, just surrender it, and that is all.”

On other policies to help stabilise the economy, Okoroafor said: “Look at rice for instance, 28 out of 36 states can produce rice, so, we have launched a programme called Anchor Borrowers Programme. It is not only on rice but also on tomatoes, palm produce and other farm produce.”

But for all the years that CBN has been in existence, how far with all these "policies"? It is well.

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