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By Paul Kyungun Probing means intending to discover the truth. To probe is to ask questions inorder to find out secrets or hidden information about something/somebody. It is the act of thorough and careful investigation of something or somebody. On this subject matter however, it means to investigate the administration of suswam in order to discover if sharp practises were done. Correct them with punishment if need be so that it will set a viable precedence in governance. The need for the incoming administration to always check the outgoing Government is to ensure that the corrupt elements do not go scot free. In every administration, there are always Judas whose aim is to amount illegal wealth no matter the economic hardship of a State. In order to achieve their diabolic ambitions, they do not spare any money that comes their way. All monies that are meant for infrastructural development, welfare of workers, security and basic amenities would always be diverted into such peoples personal accounts so as to achieve their personal gain. The primal reason why people elect their representatives is for democratic dividends and not an avenue to amount illegal wealth. Originally, these men are suppose to serve their constituencies and people of their communities but rather, the electorates in their constituencies serve them. What an irony. In 2007, Suswam took over from Akume, monies were reserved in the State treasury but yet, Hon Suswam investigated all the State projects, retrieved the monies and completed most of the abandoned projects in the State. Now, coming to look at Benue before the stepping in of Gov Ortom, we all heard how he breaks down heavy debt profile with an empty treasury. The workaholic Gov Ortom now had to borrow in order to meet the demands of his people. It is therefore, my humble submission that, Rt Hon Gabriel Suswam's administration should be thoroughly investigated and fraudsters should be brought to book. Anyone who is involved in taking part of the mess Benue people are in should be dealt with and all monies meant for the development of our dear State shall be retrieved appropriately.

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