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By Abraham Orkuma

Msugh Chir Msugh Iorwase Armstrong is gone now, Berger Alfred MO and co. Whether you like it or not, Berger was a brand,an image maker, a face of PDP media team in Benue, and his exit and the vacuum that would be created will be difficult to fill by any.PDP will crumble, what would be left of it is carcasses. They might want to pretend but one thing is sure, they cannot find one like berger.He gave so much to PDP, his body and soul, even at the risk of his life.Berger is a rare political gem, a media guru and sagacious and talented guy, a young man to watch as he entered another phase in his political career.I will only advice him to be careful and resist the temptation of dirty, immoral, selfish and bloody politics.our young men of Benue today must serve as conscience of a better Benue of tomorrow. Let him stand by truth and justice at all times.
I am speaking based on information I reliably garnered,a key defector said they had “seen the light” that the different leaders of PDP were directionless and were being led by selfish leader who did not have the electorate’s interests at heart.
One of them said: “I have realised that there is no future in opposition PDP, hence this bold decision to join APC.
“I was never forced or coerced, but I realised that PDP under the leadership of Mr Suswam has totally failed the people of Benue. You cannot have selfish leaders at the helm of a party. They want nothing else, but total power and power has blinded them.”
One of them complaint bitterly that they had actively participated in the party for the past years, but has never been appreciated by its leadership. suswam is power hungry. PDP are loudmouthed, but bankrupt when it comes to policies
All these years, PDP has dismally failed to deliver on its promises to the electorate, The party is just preoccupied with removing APC from power with no solutions to the challenges facing the Benue, the problem they created in the first place. If it was a church,PDP could have closed shop a long time ago.PDP is a criminal party, very destructive in its actions and inactions, it does not have anything to offer benuelites now or in future.
No serious young man of Benue extraction should be lured into accepting a handout from a conman, a man who squandered trillions of Benue money that would have been used in building industries, fighting poverty, lifting many out of destitution, unemployment, insecurity and restoring the pride and dignity of a Benue man.Suswam and his cohorts must surely be sent to political abyss in 2019.

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