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By: Abraham Orkuma

It appears there are more people and not just  bringing the name of the government into disrepute. The whole PDP structure is in chaos clearly stems from suswam's failure to know when to leave, which is why Benue is in an economic morass. Evidently, suswam no longer has firm control of affairs of the party because he would have been alerted to such critical developments that have the party significance.The recent defection has done it more damage than good.

It is disastrous that all the upheavals in the party emanated from suswam desire to control party structures regrettably he has virtually stepped on everyone’s toes.

To say the party is in a mess is an understatement, but the sooner the issues are resolved, the better.

Sadly, at the moment we do not see that happening, as PDP has been firmly eclipsed. The most tragic thing about it all is that this may have far-reaching negative impacts not only on suswam, but the PDP as well.

It is also tragic that all the focus and attention has been drawn away from government business, as the power games are played out by egocentric politicians, who appear to be hungry for power as an end in itself.

Little thought now goes on how to resolve the socio-economic maladies that have rendered the majority of the population paupers. We needs to wake up and do the right things. It’s never too late to do something right.

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