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By: Abraham Orkuma
Suswam is fighting the last battle of his life.The most corrupt Governor in Benue history is becoming more arrogant and unremorseful.His desperate last minute effort to get the court to set aside the commission of inquiry findings cannot work.
Look here, Suswam apologists, you are celebrating a mere injunction,and you know very well it cannot stand the sand of time.Suswam monumental fraud cannot go principality and power on earth, beneath and above can stop suswam and his cronies from returning to Benue coffers billions of naira they stole.
"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today" so said Lincoln . Suswam should be bold enough to answer the question he knows he would surely answer tomorrow. No escape route for him.
Let him deny that over a trillion came to the state during his time.
Let him explain to us what and what he did with the money, if his is laying baseless claims of government persecuting him.
Let him come clean on all that happened under his watch.
Suswam will soon be an event in Benue political history.
PDP apologists are very good in make belief that console them and also give their gullible supporters hope, but hell fire await them even here on earth and in no distance future.
I have no business again worrying about disgruntled elements who are yet to recover from the shock of last year election and desperately looking for something to keep body and soul together.Ortom can extend a hand of friendship to them by employing some as security guards to government house.

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