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Nyiev Community
Keana Local Government,
Giza Development Area,

Kadarko, Alima Village.

14th March, 2016.

The Commissioner of Police,
Nasarawa State Command,


We the Nyiev people in Kadarko, Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State are once again writing to notify the commissioner of police Nasarawa State Command Lafia of another sinister move to cause the breakdown of law and order between two communities (Tiv/Fulani).
It is a glaring fact that the Tiv people in this area have co-existed with the Fulani community for a very long time. Up till date, Tiv villages give many Fulani communities portions of land to settle on for free and we enjoy a good relationship. But that is our prerogative and this doesn’t mean the lands belong to the Fulanis for keeps. We recognize they are nomads – they come seasonally and go.
It is worthy to mention that our great grand parents have lived in this area since the seventeenth century till date. In fact since around 1780 before the Northern and Southern protectorate were not even amalgamated.
History tells us that our grandparents migrated from Congo through Cameroon and eventually crossed the River Benue and settled in Kadarko area of the present day Keana local Government of Nasarawa state. This area was a part of the Northern Region, later Benue-Plateau State, and now Nasarawa State. It is therefore, very wrong for any person or group of persons to want to confiscate our lands and give them to outsiders as the present, THE OSOKADOKO of Kadarkp, Chief Fabian, is wont to do.
Chief Fabian is the 5th Chief to rule over Kadarko. The Previous four chiefs, his father inclusive, never contested land with the Tiv people in Kadarko District. They never forcefully took our lands and gave to any person.
So, it is very wrong and an act of deliberate provocation for any person or group of persons ( THE OSOKADOKO inclusive, who oversees the entire Kadarko Communty as the ruler) to hold the view that the Nyiev people living in this area are non-indigenes. But the Kadarko ruler, for political and financial gains, wants to force this position and forcefully take our lands and give to other non-indigenes without our consent. That we will resist within the ambits of the law.
We have as much right to Kadarko District as any other legitimate indigene. And for the avoidance of doubt, we are not selling any portions of our land to anyone non-indigene, and the, THE OSOKADOKO, has no rights whatsoever to confiscate or sell our ancestral land. Any of those illegitimate attempts to steal our lands will be resisted using all lawful means.
Also on the 5th and 12th March, 2016. HRH Fabian Danjuma Orogu who we suspected, collected huge sum of money from the Fulani to sell our land to them made attempts to confiscate land belonging to Nyam Adaga village and hand it to Fulani. He handed their lands to Fulani. This too was petitioned.

His grand design is to pitch the Fulanis against the Tivs and cause a communal clash since his previous attempts to take our lands failed.
We want it on record that, THE OSOKADOKO, Chief Fabian be held liable in the event of any breakdown of law and other in these areas.

Also the, THE OSOKADOKO had sent his lieutenants below:

1.         Aminu Ogidi – his district head
2.         Abdullahi Ishaleku – district head
3.         Amegwa Orogu – village head
4.         Akwoza Ayitogo – village
5.         Hassan Abdullahi – secretary;

To go to Alima Village and show some Fulani some portions of land there to Funali to settle on. The Fulanis they took with them to show them the village to forcefully occupy are:

1.         Mallam Shodo
2.         Kadiri
3.         Yao

These Fulanis are nomads and had previously settled in Gidan Kuje, which is still vacant. He refused to take them there.

These events show he has collected monies from the Fulanis and sold our lands to them without our consent, with the grand design to instigate them against us if we refuse them to settle on our land.  He didn’t even consult our village heads. This move have actually confirms he is inciting the Fulani against our community.

We the Nyiev community in Kadarko area and its environment request that the chief of Kadarko HRH Fabian D. Orogu’s excesses be checked before he causes a communal crisis.
We the Nyiev people are peace loving and we don’t want any crisis.

Peace we know is the best tool for national unity if embraced.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long live Nasarawa State.

Upahal Tyonum 08037059604    
Alima Edward 07062334272

For Nyiev Community Kadarko Area.

HRH Alh. Dr. Amedu Al-Makura
Adoma of Doma
Alh. Aliyu Ogah
Sangari Giza
Alh. Umaru
Alh. Aldo Lawal
Nasarawa State.
Osana of Keana
Emmanuel .O. Elayo

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