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Good morning my Zebra colour people, Tiv. I would have prefer to ask this question in our mother tongue but it's unfortunate only few can read and comprehend Tiv language in spite we're the fourth largest language in Nigeria. That's not why I'm here anyway. The question, IS A TIV MAN A PROBLEM TO HIMSELF keep begging for answer as much as I keep meditating on actions of a Tiv man. Recently when I travelled to Redemption Camp km46, Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Ogun state for 2016 international Sunday school teachers' conference, the journey that I rout through five state (5) which include: Enugu, Anabara, Delta, Edo, Ondo to Ogun. made me cry in my heart uncontrollably for our state but particularly for my Tiv people. If you had ever taken that rout for a journey you will agree with me that it's only when you get to Benue particularly the Tiv settlement that you begin to see those round bushy dilapidated hots which looks more or less like houses for native doctors, (babalawo). Why can't we copy our neighbours if not for any thing but at least building of places to lay our heads. I mean house. I remember my uncle who lived all his life in a foreign land, had money and every body knew in my village that he was rich. No witch or wizard bothered until the day he came to his place at the village and started building a house, he was hunted both spiritually, physically and otherwise and was sent to his grave just because he wanted to build a house. Who is him to come and show us he has money by building a house? IS A TIV MAN A PROBLEM TO HIMSELF? As I went to that camp. I was amazed by the grace of God that is upon pastor E. A. Adeboye, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God which enabled him put on such a mighty work in that place. If You had been there, with no iota of doubt you will agree with me that, that place despite the spiritual impact it also has huge economic value to the citizens of that state. I could remember how I unknowingly spent N8000 while I stayed for only two days in that camp. I saw more than a hundred Yoruba women cooking and making livelihood as cooks in that place. sachet water sellers, keke drivers, molowe driver, books sellers and others too numerous to mention in that place seems to be happier than our civil servants here as they are not carrying of non-payment of salary. In here the issue is not the same. A Tiv man don't agree with his brother, I relate this issue of our suppose spiritual son whom by the grace of God would one day be able to reach the likes of pastor E.A Adeboye, pastor SAM ZUGA whom has been vehemently rejected by his own people with numerous accusations numbering from him SAM ZUGA haboring snakes to acquire spiritual powers and so on. Every spiritual Tiv man is first accused by his Tiv brothers of snakes or other fetish powers. Recently, our one and only Rev. Fada ALIA is also accused of been caught sleeping with a church member which is the reason for his deliberate transfer by the bishop. IS A TIV MAN NOT A PROBLEM TO HIM SELF? How can we expect our land to prosper without spiritual heads? Look at even our Idoma brothers, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor King Omodu and the rest are there making exploit. In Tiv here if you don't belong to either Catholic or NKST your are automatically an outcast, You are definitely going to a snake church, some times it makes me wonder if we do read our bible. All we know is putting all our hopes in government, a Benue state governor among the Tiv is so popular to a point that kids grow up learning how to talk with the name of the governor. Suswam kimbi ga, Ortom gba injo kpa shi kimbi ga. I will go on and on and the question: IS A TIV MAN A PROBLEM TO HIMSELF will have reasons to be asked. As rhetorical as the question will sound I like to ask for the very last time, IS A TIV MAN A PROBLEM TO HIMSELF?

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